The American Mosaic

These stories, videos, etc., honor all of us and our stories (encompassing LGBTQ, all races, all religions, immigrants, women, others), as well as people being good neighbors.

Race Bridges Studio is  wonderful site with almost 200 videos on exploring diversity and race relations in the mission and challenge of building community.

Stories / Newspaper Articles/ Songs is a web site giving “a true portrait of America” including a video, stories about many different Americans, a section and a video about biases, tips to fight bias and prejudice, etc.

Jews open temple to Muslims after a mosque is burned down in TX  USA Today 2/1/17

Storyteller Anne Shimojima spoke at the Evanston Public Library about her family’s experience as Japanese Americans during World War II, when they were forcibly expelled from their homes and incarcerated in camps. 4-10-17   Click here to watch part of their experience. photo shows Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell of Deerfield, Illinois talking to a Muslim father named Fatih Yildirim, who lives in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg. Both men’s children ― 9-year-old Adin and 7-year-old Meryem ― sit on their shoulders.  1/31/17

Videos / Images

These gender-alizations are not helping anyone. George Takei

Pete Seeger said, “The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and
letting them be known.” 

A quick run down of how non-whites are treated in our country, ending with a plea to recognize white privilege as a first step to eliminating it.

The Deaf community came together to share an important message about listening.

Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | “Born The Hard Way” The story of a man immigrating from Germany to St. Louis after America’s Civil War.

Based on a 2015 Event which challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, our friends, our families, and our colleagues. Rethink your bias at

 “We Are America” with John Cena, professional wrestler, rapper, actor, and reality television show host, published by Love Has No Labels | Ad Council. Cena ends by saying, “To love America is to love all Americans, because love has no labels.”

Black parents explain to their kids how to deal with police: “We practice this at home. [little girl holds up her hands] I’m Ariel Sky Williams. I’m 8 years old. I’m unarmed and I have nothing that will hurt you.”

Several transgender children and adults describe many facets of their lives.

Women who received the Nobel Prize.  Music transformed this young man with autism. Now he works to unlock talent in others.

The story of Hamdi Ulukaya, born in Turkey,  owner, founder, Chairman, and CEO of Chobani, who has hired many refugees as well as pledging the majority of his wealth to refugee causes.

A 19 year old speaks on behalf of gay marriages in Iowa, based on his own experiences. During the 1930s,  Turkey-- a new country that was mostly Muslim --defied Hitler and saved thousands of lives. Here's the incredible story. 16 year old Lewis Hines in the UK had his first of 13 brain operations when it was discovered he had a brain tumor when he was 1 ½ years old. He continues to have brain seizures most days. However, he has coping mechanisms to meet his challenges. He found a project called Friend Finder to help children who miss a lot of school come together to make friends. He made this video to show it’s okay to be different. “My illness may define the length of my life, but it won’t define how I live it.”

A video which gives a different perspective about what “special needs” a person with Down syndrome really has.

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